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Get code cash /use code as money

As an individual buyer, list products or services you want, pay and get code. As a business owner, enter your client code cash and recieve the money.

Pay with the code cash anywhere

Pay for anything with your code cash anywhere seamlessly and securely.

Replace the old tedious transaction process with kowrie code cash (kcc)

Kowrie, a mobile payment platform that generates payment pin or payment barcode which represents cash in real time and this payment code and barcode are then used to make and initiate payment for goods and services seamlessly and cashlessly. This technology leverages on blockchain, Stack and USSD technology to make payment of goods and services hassle free, possible without internet and eliminates hidden charges.

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No more fear of being robbed.

Nomatter the kind of business you do , kowrie gets you protected from the risk of being robbed.

Manage your firm's payment without fear of being shortchanged.

kowrie enables firms to monitor and effectively manage payment of goods and services without fear of been shortchanged by staff or employees.

CBN's cashless policy.

kowrie ensures seamless and fast realization of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Cashless Policy.

Save time and achieve more

Services like school fees, hospital bills and many other bills can be paid just by generating a simple payment code or payment barcode without one having to stand in bank queue for long hours.

Problem Statement and Solution.


The value for Automated teller machines (ATMs) (per 70,000 adults) in Nigeria was 20 as of 2020.


Large Queues and human congestion seen in our banking halls and other financial institutions in Nigeria


Most rural dweller are living without any availability of ATM in their area, this has also limited them from the financial inclusion package of our time.


Transactions worth over US$1 million is said to be delayed because of poor network, unprofessional payment platforms etc.


Statistics has it that 120 million Nigerians has mobile phones, but only 45 million of this number has access to internet facility and also own a smart phone. This limiting the use of Mobile payment.

Target Market

kowrie's targeted market audience

  • Unbanked population         ~ 48%
  • Underbanked population   ~ 31%
  • Banked population           ~ 21%
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